Meet easySIEM

easySIEM is simplifying cybersecurity for the businesses. It is the affordable, easy to use and yet powerful.
  • Ingest logs from anywhere.
  • Built-in support - Osquery, Syslog & Suricata.
  • TCP and HTTPs Hooks available.
  • Advance Search - Correlate and Investigate
  • Realtime IOC Feeds from AlientVault.
  • Visualization with pre-built dashboards.
  • Vulnerability Management - deb, pip, rpm packages.
  • Realtime Query your Endpoints.
  • Active Response - Isolate Machine.
  • Network and Host Intrusion Detection.
  • Automated VAPT - Nmap, OpenVAS,etc.
  • Alerting - Elastalert with GUI.
  • Incident Management
  • File Integrity Monitoring


A multi featured product covers use cases enough to protect your business and satisfy compliance requirements.

Laptop Security

Sysadmin can check if the employee's laptop following compliance checks (Antivirus enabled, disk encrypted, UAC Disabled, etc).

Server Security

Enables Intrusion Detecion/Prevention system for Hosts and Networks using enterprise ready agents like Osquery, Rsyslog and Suricata.

Incident Management

Platform to generate, collaborate and manage incident tickets. Incident Responder can investigate, triage and respond actively.


Threat Hunting

Search Integrated with Mitre Att&ck Query packs (Indexed Tactics, Techniques, Groups), IOC pulses from Alientvault OTX, 31M malware feeds,etc.


Pre-equipped with 100+ Alerts to notify and generate signals. Create your own alerts for slack/telegram/email with ElastAlert GUI.

Automated Penetration Testing

Schedule Scan for your network, API, Infrastructure with Nmap, OpenVAS, OWASP ZAP and our customized scanners.


Deployment Options

We support Singletenant Architecture with multi-region options, Host your data in your own datacenters.

Multi Agent Support

Officialy supports osquery, suricata, rsyslog. Logs from any source can be ingested via HTTP and TCP hooks over TLS.

Wazuh Active Response

Respond, create custom command execution,etc using wazuh-osquery-easysiem open source active response plugin.


These are just a glimpse, Know more about easysiem.



We are offering lowest price to host your security logs. If you know better pricing than this, please let us know.

1.99 $


Per GB/month

3 Days log retention

Unlimited Endpoints

5 GB Free logs/month

Base price 99$/month

Kibana Plugin

Log Archival on S3

VAPT Scans

Upto 2 Users

Email Support


2.99 $


Per GB/month

7-90 Days log retention

Unlimited Endpoints

21 GB Free logs/month

Base price 199$/month

Kibana Plugin

Log Archival on S3

VAPT Scans

Upto 5 Users

Email Support


Custom Quote

Per GB or Per endpoint/month

Custom log retention period

100 GB+ Free logs/month based on volume

Base price as per volume

Kibana Plugin

Log Archival on S3/Glacier

Unlimited VAPT Scans

100+ users

Email Support, Chat, On-Prem